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Why Us?


At Global India Tours n Travels we do not  create clients but we make ambassadors, who stays with us and speaks for us. We create an enhanced family of travellers, where WE overtakes I . We are monitored by the principle: Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. …And we focus on where these two meet - Kevin Stirtz . We believe that once with us, always with us.
Our guiding principles are 3 C’s:

  • Client empathy
  • Creative & meticulous planning.
  • Continued relationship – repeat clientele

Our spotlight areas are :

  • Special Interest Tours (SIT) & NRI Travels
  • MICE – Meeting, Incentive, Conference & Exhibitions
  • Any tour to enhance our family of travel lovers

We are a team of professionals, which includes personnel’s having decades of trade learning experience in various fields of travel. We understand our customer need and accordingly cater a customised solution. Global India Tours n Travels comprehends that in this fast moving world, leisure opportunities are rare for us and hence we ensure to give you best value for time & money. We believe leisure should be for pleasure and hence needs detailed planning so that you amble across with ultimate satisfaction.

Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company


Top of the World
04 Nights & 05 Days

Ladakh Odyssey
05 Nights & 06 Days
Kashmir Delight Tour
03 Nights / 04 Days





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