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Packages - Vaishno Devi Darshan

Itinerary For 02 Nights / 03 Days Kashmir Tour


Per Person on




Each of 02 Paying Pax

INR 9200

INR 9900

INR 10600

Each of 04 Paying Pax

INR 7900

INR 8600

INR 9200

Each of 06 Paying Pax

INR 7400

INR 7900

INR 8500

Extra Bed (Chopper Ticket Inclusive)

INR 5100

INR 5400

INR 6300


Please be informed, in the event of sudden hike in price of Heli ticket for the Year 2011, will be extra.


Hotel using -


Standard: -   02 Nights Asia Shripati - Katra

First Class: - 02 Nights Hotel Devi Grand - Katra

Deluxe: -    02 Nights Hotel Atrium - Katra


The Above Cost's Includes:-


Accommodation on Twin Sharing / MAP Basis for 02 Nights / 03 Days at above mentioned Hotels. NAC Indica (02 Pax), Qualis (4-6 Pax) for Arr / Dep from Apt to Hotel & vice Versa as per programme Heli Ticket for Vaishnov Devi Darshan – SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY



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