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Packages - Kashmir Delight

Itinerary for 03 Nights / 04 Days Kashmir Tour


DAY 01, Arrival – Srinagar, 5200 ft.


In time transfer to airport to connect the flight for Srinagar. Meeting and assistance on arrival and transfer to Hotel. Afternoon 02 - 03 Hours Boat Ride on Dal Lake by a gondola Boat called ”SHIKARA” witness the ride on lake, called Venice of India & experience the aquatic life of Srinagar. Also see the scenic extravaganza of the Kashmir and enjoy the profusion of colors in the Paradise on Earth. While returning visit to the local crafts market and see the fine carved hand-made articles from Paper Machie & wood of a walnut. Overnight at the Houseboat / Hotel


DAY 02, Srinagar SS


Early morning transfer to Srinagar, you will visit Mogul Gar den "Nishat" (The Garden of Pleasure) and "Shalimar" (Abode of All). Drive along the Lake side on Boulevard On return visit a local Handicrafts Emporium for hand-knotted specialty Silken carpets, shawls, jewellery ornaments. After lunch, In second half day Visit Shankeracherya Temple. Overnight at the Houseboat/ Hotel

DAY 03, Gulmarg 54 Kms – One Way, 8700 ft., 2 Hrs One Way


Full Day return excursion to Gulmarg, called as “Meadow of Flowers”. Gulmarg is 53 Kms from Srinagar at an altitude of 8700-ft. Gulmarg also referred as Meadow of Flowers is a famous Ski Resort & the world’s highest 18 hole Golf Course. The place was prominent during the British time. Enjoy the scenic view of Kongdori on a Cable Car Ride – OPTIONAL (Gondola) Return to Srinagar for a Dinner & Overnight at the Houseboat / Hotel


DAY 04, Srinagar – Onwards destination


In time transfer to airport to connect the flight for onwards destination


Per Person on




Each of 02 Paying Pax

INR 7000

INR 8200

INR 9450

Each of 04 Paying Pax

INR 6050

INR 6850

INR 8250


Per Person on




Each of 06 Paying Pax

INR 5400

INR 6450

INR 7850

Extra Bed

INR 2580

INR 2900

INR 4100


Hotel using: -


Standard: -02 Nights - Deluxe Houseboat – Srinagar / 01 Night – Hotel Ibni Kabeer – Srinagar

First Class: - 02 Nights - Deluxe Houseboat – Srinagar / 01 Night – Hotel Four Season – Srinagar

Deluxe: -   02 Nights - Deluxe Houseboat – Srinagar / 01 Night – Hotel Broadway – Srinagar


The Above Cost's Includes:-

  • Accommodation on Twin Sharing / MAP Basis for 03 Nights / 04 Days at above mentioned Hotels.
  • NAC (Heated) Sumo (02- 06 Pax) for Arr & Dep transfer from Apt to HB & Vice Versa.
  • Half Day Sight seeing tour of Mughal Gardens & Shankeracherya Temple. Full Day Excursion to Gulmarg
  • 02 Hours Shikara Ride on Dal Lake.
  • Meeting & Assistance on Arr / Dep by ENDLESS Rep.


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