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Meetings Incentives Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE)


Meetings Incentives Conferences Exhibitions (MICE)


Meetings are no less an important component of the MICE Mix regardless the choice of venue. Meeting planners can be assured of first-rate facilities to assure a successful meeting arrangement.


Our Incentive Team has the right combination to offer when it comes to your incentive events here in Malaysia. As for your themes, it’s only limited by your imagination.


When it comes to Conference Planning, whether it is a workshop, a public debate or an international forum, our professional team is ready to assist from collateral preparation to technical back up, meal arrangements and even entertainment and recreational programs.


For those who are catering to Exhibitions, we are exposed to various exhibitions featuring products and well as consumer type level trade fares.


What We Do For MICE


Location Is Everything

When it comes to selecting a destination there are so many details that need to be reviewed. Each time you plan an event here in Malaysia, we assure you that all consideration is taken before we propose a perfect venue:


Venue & Accommodation Selection
Professional guidance by AQT in the selection of hotel(s) best suited to the culture of the event. Conduct hotel inspections with organizer for better understanding of the property / properties


Event Management Preparation
  • Research & Development of Program
  • Budget Analysis
  • Promotional Campaign
  • Theme & Logo Development
  • Complete pre–trip packing
  • Complete registration services
  • Program Operation (pre–program, on–site & post program)
  • Plan extension program (individual and/or group)
  • VIP consulting service for personal travel
  • Consulting services for personal travel
  • Telemarketing – partial or full service – both inbound & outbound

Pre-Event Preparation

  • Development of needs analysis with Event Organizer
  • Development of specification and event plan
  • Hotels and off-site event selection
  • Mail out of publicity materials to potential attendees
  • Collation and compilation of attendees list
  • Monthly report on progress, after 90 days out, weekly
  • Report submission
  • Visa application service

Pre & Post Programs

  • Pre Event Programs
  • Post Event Programs
  • Spouse Programs
  • Social Programs
  • Exciting Pre and Post Event Program can be designed to provide visits to neighboring countries or states of event destination

Special Events

  • Recommendation of special events in hotel or off-site
  • Site inspections conducted by AQT Event Team
  • Contracting & negotiating of venue
  • Research & theme ideas for all special events
  • Contracting with suppliers for props, entertainment, food & beverage
  • Professional execution by Special Events Team of experts
  • Event audit of customer & participants satisfaction
  • Detailed billing to suit the Event Organizer’s requirements

Hospitality Services & Operations

  • Meet & greet services during all arrivals
  • Knowledgeable & smartly uniformed staff for front line hospitality service
  • Efficient administrators, secretarial and clerical staff for ‘back-room’ management
  • State-of-the-art office equipment
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Fully networked computerized operations


  • Cellular telephones for Event Organizers
  • Telephone pagers with messaging system for Events Organizers
  • Short range 2-way walkie–talkies
  • Computer network on site at venue
  • Facsimile and photocopy preparation
  • Dedicated telecommunication capabilities


  • Recommendation of the most suitable teaser(s) and gifts(s) for the program
  • Budget assessment & recommendation
  • Sourcing by Adventure Quest & Tours
  • Contracting & negotiating with vendors
  • Packing & distribution
  • Personalized delivery arrangements
  • Creative gift cards

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