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Holidays & Cruises Domestic & Outbound

Domestic Travel


Innovative programmes for families, groups or individuals are offered for destinations within the country. Pre-packaged or customized programs are available to suit all budgets for holiday maker within our nation. Choose from a wide range of Regional and Thematic holidays including Spas and Rejuvenation programs. Also included are Honeymoon packages, Pilgrimage or Religious holiday options, Motoring holidays or simply a Weekend getaway.


Outbound Tours


Choice of imaginative & creative tours with good hotels and excellent services are all tailored in to make you experience the Overseas Holiday magic - whether you are in a group or are travelling as an individual. Our global alliance and worldwide reach ensures experience, reliability, comfort and economy.

You can enjoy travelling to any part of the world & we provide many tours to many places around the world. We at Global India Tours n Travels simplify it for you the complexities of working out a holiday from which cities to cover, which hotels to avail, what sites to visit, etc with the help of our experienced travel consultants and giving options of pre-designed package tours or tailor made customised holidays, as your need be.


NRI Travel Services


For International Indians visiting their roots, we provide complete travel assistance and management, including planned holidays within the country. Services include International and Domestic Air Tickets, Meet and Greet services, Car rentals, Hotel bookings, Medical treatments, Royal and Luxury holidays, Gift a holiday, and other travel related services. These are available through a 24x7 customer support service, backed by a network of our associate offices nationwide.


Cruising options


For a leisurely vacation in beautiful surroundings far from the usual tourist circuits, canal, river and sea cruising has no equal.


The floating luxury vessels, abound with all kinds activity and entertainment options,can give you opportunity to foray into some of the world’s best-kept hideaways and tourist destinations wherein you are relieved of fatigue travelling by air or road. Now a days, cruise ships have entertainment provisions for children which has made the dream of a complete family vacation on the seas come true!



Top of the World
04 Nights & 05 Days

Ladakh Odyssey
05 Nights & 06 Days
Kashmir Delight Tour
03 Nights / 04 Days





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